Copperas Cove Co-op

First HourSecond HourThird Hour
3-4 Years Old
Stories & MoreSnacks & PlaygroundShapes, Colors, and Animals with Playdough
5-6 Years Old
LegosSnack & PlaygroundClass Assigned-Title TBA
7-9 Year Old
ChessGirls of American HistoryLewis & Clark (told through the eyes of the dog Seaman (for boys)
CookingMagic School Bus SciencePoet Tree
History Through ChocolateMusic AppreciationSewing For Beginners
Age 9-18 encouraged
10-12 years old
ChoirPaint by NumberSee the Light Shine ART
Kid-Based Movie Bible StudyIt's the Heart, Not the Hemline
Age 9-18 encouraged
Tea & Poetry
Book Club & ProjectsScarborough Ren Fest Competition
ages 10-18 encouraged

Know Your Vocabulary Roots
Sewing For Beginners
13+( Teen Classes)
Tea & PoetryDo Hard Things (Character Curriculum)Homeschool Musical
Teen HourKnow Your Vocabulary RootsFood Challenge
SpeechCooking 101HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) Exercise Class
YearbookBiology of Snake, Shark, & Rat